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About Us

Backcountry Outfitters was founded in 1994 by Anne McAndrew and Dave Fairty. We specialize in outdoor gear and apparel. Packs, bags, tents, apparel, footwear, optics can all be found at BCO.

Anne McAndrew left a career in publishing to pursue her longtime interest in retail. She loves to hike, camp and fish yet feels there’s a lot to be said for sitting by the pool and having an umbrella drink. She is the mother of three teen-age boys and often jokes that she now knows why the mother in "My Three Sons" was dead. She lives in Kent with her sons.

Dave Fairty spent his childhood fishing the streams and rivers of Connecticut. After a stint in the navy he joined the retail world, working in an upscale wine shop and developing the micro brew department. (It was a dirty job but someone had to do it). He continues to fish on his days off. He is also restoring his great-grandfather’s 1904 Northern automobile. He lives in Kent with the famous Backcountry Beagles, Baxter and Buddy.

Our store is located in Kent, CT, a quintessential New England town. Kent sits on the Appalachian Trail and as a result BCO has aided many thru-hikers in downsizing and or upgrading their equipment. We often hear first hand from the thru-hikers about the gear they use and take their critiques very seriously. Our inventory reflects a high standard of quality.

So, thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to welcoming you to our store – and remember our mantra:

You are two feet from freedom; take a hike!

Happy trails…