Ear Wax Removal: Get Rid of Annoying Ear Wax

All of you must be familiar with earwax. While some earwax is actually useful for your ears as it acts as a natural cleanser, the excess is not good news. It is a real menace when your ear canal is clogged with excess earwax as it can cause infections, earaches, and other issues. It goes without saying that you might be facing hearing problems because of this. Ear wax removal is the only thing that can stop that annoying feeling.

Some people take the matters into their own hands and get started with cotton swabs and Q-tips, even though it is mentioned not to use Q-tips for such purposes. This may aggravate the problem rather than solving it. Sooner or later, you end up at a professional’s office.

Ear wax is nothing of a problem in regular amounts. The problem arises when your ear produces a lot more than required. It is crucial to get it removed regularly as it can cause hearing damage if left unnoticed. An audiologist uses two ways for ear wax removal, and they are:

  • Irrigation removal method

As it is clear from the name, this method uses water in the removal process. The audiologist adds a solution to make the buildup inside the ear canal soft and loose. After that, water is flushed into the canal to remove the wax. The solution used is usually carbamide oxide which makes it easy for water to do the job.

  • Curette removal method

In this method, the audiologist first peeks into your ear canal using a special light called an otoscope. In this way, the audiologist knows about the quantity to be removed. Then a curette (a device that is slid inside the ear canal without causing damage to the surrounding areas) is used to remove the wax. A curette looks similar to a tiny spoon that scrapes the wax away. The procedure is not at all painful and is used when the wax can’t be removed with water.

Oliveira audiology and hearing center has the best experts, who can help you with this problem that ensures that your ears are in good and capable hands. You can also contact them if you have any doubts regarding this. Don’t let ear wax put you through hell.